Juggling between emotions

Sometimes I feel my shoulders are too fragile to take the burden of this world. And I feel that ALL the burden of this world is on my tiny little shoulders. I feel constantly worried and stressed about things I have no control over. It gets so difficult to deal with the struggles of our … Continue reading Juggling between emotions


Life. What do we even say about life when we're so certain that it's going to end. But sometimes, it's worthwhile. Sometimes it's not. It's painful. Excruciatingly painful. Suffering all around. But then there's happiness and all the wonderful things in our world. Then there's love. Love that makes people want to live! Why do … Continue reading

The people we're the closest to, hurt us the most. Does anybody know why this happens? I think it's because we allow them to hurt us. We have given so much power in their hands that they can hurt our feelings so much. We care so much about them that even if they do or … Continue reading